Over 600 Flavaura Concentrated Flavors

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Original Flavaura Flavor Concentrated

Boost your retail sales with all the original Flavaura concentrated flavors that your customers love!

These flavor concentrates are designed to be blended and sold at a retail Vapor bar.

Here you can find concentrated flavors developed for many famous brands including:

Beyond Vape, Decades, Digital Ciggz, ECL, End of the World, Everlast, Illusions, Lee & Quids, Mojo

Orient Maximiliano, Platinum, Prmyum, Puff King, Rikki Ross's, Royal, StarPuff, Synergy Dickens

Two Gunz, Vaporazer, Vapor Viper, Vapure, VLS......And many more!

Simply add 1 part of any combination of any of our flavorings with 2 parts base to create a perfect liquid every time. 

Since 2014, Flavaura is the original developer and manufacture of Vapor Bar flavors for many famous brands. Contact Us for more information or call/text our wholesale sales representative at 612-280-4871 for answers to all your questions.